"Hi Tom, we just wanted you to see our finished foyer. We couldn't be happier with how it turned out and with the beautiful bricks. Thanks so much!"

Cindy C
Maryville, TN

HP-01 Chicago common reclaimed thin brick foyer      Chicago common thin paver foyer

Product: Reclaimed Chicago Common 1/2" Paver

“Hi Tom - thought you might like to see some picts of my patio I did with your queen bricks - it came out so pretty! Thank you!"

Jennifer S
Melborne FL

Chicago reclaimed queen brick patio

Product: Chicago Common "Queen Sized" Brick

"Many thanks! "

Cass M
Houston, TX


Product: V-01 Chicago Antique Thin Brick Veneer



"Finished; looks amazing in person!"

Cynthia H.
Smyrna GA

Chicago antique thin brick Kitchen

Product: V-01 Chicago Antique Thin Brick Veneer

"We love our newly installed  brick backsplash. We wanted something that was unique and we're so glad we found your company online. Great service, great product!"


David and Katie G
Hudson Oaks, Texas

Milwaukee Cream City Brick Veneer Backsplash

Product: V-03 Milwaukee "Cream City" Brick Veneer Tile

"Hi Tom. Kitchen is done. The brick looks great. Faded beautifully when grout and sealer applied. Thanks!"

Eric H.
Carlsbad, CA


“ The house looks amazing due to the brick, everyone that comes over asks where he got it….the corners are always the hit!"

Laura L
Newburg MD

Chicago antique thin brick veneer wall     Chicago antique thin brick veneer wall

Product: V-01 Chicago Antique Thin Brick Veneer

"I’ve attached a photo of our finished product with your veneer.  We have received nothing but compliments on it.  We have a 100 year old home, and thanks to your brick, we were able to make it look like it’s an original mason box"

Juan M
Barrington IL 

Chicago brick fireplace

Product: V-01 Chicago Antique Thin Brick Veneer

"Hi Tom,  This is a shot of how the pavers came out ...we are really pleased with the outcome."

Nick R.
Stuart FL

Chicago BF-01 Fossilcut brick floor

Product: BF-01 Chicago Common Fossilcut Brick Flooring

"Finished; looks amazing in person"

Erin N
Milwaukee WI

Sawn Face Cream City Veneer

Product:  SV-01 Fossilcut Sawn Face "Cream City" Brick Veneer

"Tom,  Great job on the brick it is going up now and looks fantastic.  Everyone is excited.  Thank you thank you on the entire process!"

Graham M
Sterling VA


"We love having a little piece of Chicago in our Texas home!"

Erika H
Andrews TX

Antique Chicago thin brick kitchen backsplash

Product: V-01 Chicago Antique Thin Brick Veneer

"Hi Tom. The brick looks great. Thank you for getting that delivered so quickly."

Aimee B.
Chicago IL


Product: V-01 Chicago Antique Thin Brick Veneer

"Floor finished. We love it! "

Suzanne P
Blue Ridge GA

Reclaimed Street Paver thin brick floor

Product: SP-01 Antique Midwest Street Paver Tile

"The homeowners absolutely LOVE IT!"

Liz C
Saskatoon SK

St Louis Thin Brick Kitchen     St Louis antique thin brick kitchen

Product: V-05 Antique St. Louis Thin Brick Veneer

"We love our brick backsplash!  Thanks so much!  Great service and product."

Cynthia S
Collierville, TN

Milwaukee Cream City brick veneer backsplash

Product: V-03 Milwaukee "Cream City" Brick Veneer Tile