Thin Brick Tile Installation

Antique clay bricks are ceramic, and when sawn thin for interior use, they can be installed on walls or floors just like any other unglazed ceramic tile. We recommend North American Tile Council standards for the installation of our thin brick tile. Although there are companies that sell metal grid and tab systems for the installation of thin brick, we believe these are both an unnecessary cost and an added step. Additionally, these systems have a fixed height, so they eliminated the ability to fudge the grout line (typically 3/8" to simulate a standard mortar joint) slightly to avoid having a partial coarse of brick at the top or bottom of the installation.  Click one of the 2 below links for our thin brick installation instructions


For Walls:  Antique Brick Veneer Tile for Walls Installation Instructions 


For Floors:  Antique Brick Floor Tile Installation Instructions are HERE


Thin Brick Wall Veneer Installation Video from Vintage Brick Salvage

Note: We made this video back 2006,  it was shot on an  old  low definition camera, but it will give you a general ideal of the process.   Also, we made this just before we received our equipment to cut single piece "L" shaped corner pieces. If you are using our corners, be sure to start at the corners and work outward.

(If you don't see the video below you can click here to see it on Google videos)