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Thin Brick for Floors

Thin brick tile cut off the top, or "Paver Side" of an antique reclaimed brick. NOTE: All of our thin brick tile products can be used on either walls or floors, traditionally the top (wide side) of the brick are used for floors which are the ones listed here.


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  1. 5/8" Antique Midwest Street Paver Tile, Sq ft
    5/8" thick brick paving tile sliced off the top and bottom of antique Midwest street pavers. Learn More
  2. Chicago Common "Fossilcut" Brick Flooring, Sq. Ft.
    This 1/2" slice is from the interior of a reclaimed brick, so it has a sawn face on both the top and the bottom. Learn More
  3. Fossilcut ™ Reclaimed Street Paver Sawn Face Tile, Sq Ft
    Sawn Face flooring cut from the interior of a reclaimed, midwest street paver. Learn More
    One square foot of 1/2" thick broken brick pieces, wide range of colors including red, salmon, terra cotta, pink, yellow and cream. Learn More
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    Regular Price: $10.00

    Special Price $8.99

    As low as: $7.99
    Sliced from REAL antique brick. ORDER FREE SAMPLES HERE Only 1/2" thick, cut off the side of real, reclaimed Old Chicago common brick. Install like tile. Learn More
  6. Reclaimed Chicago Common 1/2" Paver, Sq Ft
    1/2" thick brick paving tile sliced off the top and bottom of reclaimed Chicago common brick. Learn More
  7. Sawn Faced "Fossilcut" Chicago Brick Tile, Sq Ft

    Regular Price: $7.00

    Special Price $3.99

    1/2" thick interior slice from the side view (8" X 2 1/4") of a reclaimed Chicago common brick. Learn More


7 Item(s)