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Thin Brick Made from Real Reclaimed Antique brick

Finally, you can have the look of a real, reclaimed brick wall with the ease of a ceramic tile installation. We slice these thin brick from actual full sized reclaimed, antique brick. Brick is a ceramic, so once it is cut thin, you have what is essentially an unglazed ceramic tile. These can be adhered to any sound substrate just like any other ceramic tile, using mastic or thin set mortar. Once grouted with mason's mortar, it will be impossible to tell your installation apart from a full sized antique brick wall.

The beauty of antique reclaimed brick remains unmatched from newly manufactured imitations. By starting with real recycled vintage brick and slicing these into thin brick, we produce a product that installs as easily as any tile but still contains all of the character and texture of a surface that could only come from a centuries old, weathered, used brick. Our thin brick can be used on walls or floors. Common uses include kitchens, mud rooms, recreation rooms, wine cellars, basements, rec rooms and baths. Commercial installations have included restaurants, bars, hotels, wine shops, grocery stores, casinos and even some world famous sports stadiums! Use our product anywhere you would like the character and ambiance created from real reclaimed brick.

Your order will be packed carefully and shipped in relatively small boxes to minimize breakage. INTACT DELIVERY IS GAURANTEED Order online or call 800-846-8243. We take calls 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. 7 days per week.

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    One square foot of 1/2" thick broken brick pieces, wide range of colors including red, salmon, terra cotta, pink, yellow and cream. Learn More
  2. Sawn Faced "Fossilcut" Chicago Brick Tile, Sq Ft

    Regular Price: $7.00

    Special Price $3.99

    1/2" thick interior slice from the side view (8" X 2 1/4") of a reclaimed Chicago common brick. Learn More
  3. Chicago Queen Veneer

    Regular Price: $7.00

    Special Price $4.99

    A 1/2" thin brick cut from the top and bottom of a remnant of a Chicago common brick, after a 1/2" veneer has been cut from each side. Sold per square foot, with 7 pieces per square foot Learn More
  4. Fossilcut ™ Sawn Face Cream City Brick Veneer Tile, Sq. Ft
    Sawn face Milwaukee "Cream City" brick Veneer tiles, cut from the "Side View" of the brick. Learn More
  5. Fossilcut ™ Reclaimed Street Paver Sawn Face Tile, Sq Ft
    Sawn Face flooring cut from the interior of a reclaimed, midwest street paver. Learn More
  6. copyright 2008 Vintage Brick Salvage LLC

    Regular Price: $10.00

    Special Price $8.99

    As low as: $7.99
    Sliced from REAL antique brick. ORDER FREE SAMPLES HERE Only 1/2" thick, cut off the side of real, reclaimed Old Chicago common brick. Install like tile. Learn More
  7. Antique St. Louis Thin Brick Veneer Tile, Sq. Ft.
    Thin brick veneer tile made by slicing 1/2" off the sides of dark red St.Louis antique brick. Learn More
  8. Indiana "Silver Fox" reclaimed brick veneer
    Thin brick tile made by slicing the outside piece off of a real Indiana "Silver Fox" antique brick. Colors from light gray to silver with touches of white and black. 8" X 2 1/4" X 1/2". Sold per square foot of coverage, 7 pieces needed per square foot. Learn More
  9. Milwaukee "Cream City" Brick Veneer Tile, Sq Ft
    1/2" thin brick veneer tile made by slicing the sides off of real antique reclaimed Milwaukee Cream City brick. Learn More
  10. 5/8" Antique Midwest Street Paver Tile, Sq ft
    5/8" thick brick paving tile sliced off the top and bottom of antique Midwest street pavers. Learn More
  11. Chicago Brick Veneer Tile,  "L" Shaped Corner, Linear Ft
    Single piece "L" shaped 1/2" thick thin brick veneer tile corner pieces cut from real reclaimed Chicago common brick.  Learn More
  12. Chicago Queen Brick Veneer CORNERS per Linear Foot

    1/2" L shaped corner piece to match our QV-01 Chicago queen brick veneer.   Sold per linear foot as you measur along the corner, so if you are going up an 8 foot tall wall, you will need 8 LF.    4.6 pieces per linear foot.   Dimensions are 8" X 2 1/2" with a 2 3/8" return on the corner.

    Learn More

12 Item(s)