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Thin Brick Installation Tools and Materials

Thin brick installation tools and materials
  1. Quikpoint Mortar Gun
    Quikpoint Mortar Gun Drill-Mate Model # 3000 Speeds the installation of thin brick mortar. Mounts to any 3/8" variable speed drill, not included. Polyurethane auger barrel and nozzle holder. 1/2 gallon hopper. Clean by flushing with water. Weighs 7 lbs (approximately 13 pounds loaded). Nozzle has 4 interchangeable steel tips (small: 3/16" X 0.8", medium: 1/4" X 0.8", large: 0.55" X 0.66", and special angled tip for overhead work 1/4" x 0.8"). Nozzle rotates for horizontal and vertical joints. Learn More