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Reclaimed Chicago Common Thin Brick Paver Tile

HP-01 closeup

Chicago Brick half inch paver tile



One Half Inch Split Paver
SKU# HP-01
These  1/2" thick  brick paving tiles are  sliced off the top and  bottom of reclaimed Chicago common brick.  Color ranges from pink to rose, to salmon with touches of gold, black or light buff.   These tiles come unsealed, if you are going to lay them on a floor you will need to seal them with a terra-cotta sealer or a polyeurethane.   Some bear makers marks such as "Illinois Brick", "Chicago Brick", "N.B." and others.  Approximately 8" L  X 3 5/8" W  X 1/2 "T. 

Not for use outdoors in areas where there is freeze/thaw.

Sold per square foot, 4.5 pieces per sq. foot



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