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Reclaimed Granite Street Pavers


SKU# 301
Description:  Reclaimed Granite Street pavers from Chicago.   These granite blocks were brought in as ballast on sailing ships, and typically used in the highest traffic thoroughfares in the city.  Asphalt was used to cover these streets starting in the 1930's, but the granite "belgian blocks" were left there, waiting for a time when major street renovations would require their removal.   Fortunately, that time was last summer, and now we are able to offer them here.  These reclaimed granite street pavers come in varying sizes, roughly 9" X 5" X 5".  Length varies from about 6 inches to as long as 11 inches, but nine is about average.  Width and depth is about 5", but this does vary from stone to stone.  We have a mix that includes about 70% grey granite and about 30% rose.  Reclaimed from Canal Street just north of 18th st on the south side of Chicago.
Packed between 100- 120 pcs. per pallet., approximately 35- 38 s.f. of coverage per pallet
Shipping Weight: Around 18 lbs. per brick


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