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Reclaimed "Egyptian" Vintage Street Pavers


SKU# 301
These  used street pavers were made in Southern Illinois in  the the early 1900's.    They are in the deep red to burgundy color range. .  A little bit of research finds that Egyption paving brick were named from their area of origin,  the area once popularly referred to as "Egypt" in southern Illinois.   Brick making thrived in the Illinois towns of Alton, Murphreesboro, Cairo amongst others, due to the high quality of the local shale deposits.  These street pavers are in excellent shape, and are free of asphalt or mortar.    8.5" L  X 4"H  X 4"W


Packed 288 pcs. per pallet., about  68 s.f. of coverage per pallet
Shipping Weight: Around 9 lbs. per brick


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